Best Practices for Truck Trailer Repair and Lifespan Enhancement

Maximizing Trailer Lifespan

If you manage a fleet, you are acutely aware that any time all vehicles are not operational, you are losing money. That is not a good business practice in any case. Ideally, you want all of your vehicles to be in good working order and on the road, full of products, running efficiently, driven by competent personnel, and so on. That’s smart business. A combination of advanced conductivity, inspections, and scheduled maintenance help keep fleets on the road by ensuring more trailer uptime and less downtime. Of course, some wear and tear are unavoidable. However, in order to reduce time spent in the shop and improve vehicle longevity, the fleet’s condition must be managed proactively. Here are some tips from a professional truck trailer repair company.

Inspect suspensions

Every air suspension has a set ride height position, but it can be damaged or tampered with. You will not reap the full benefits of an air-ride suspension if the ride height is incorrect. Make sure the ride height isn’t too high, as this can make it difficult to navigate overpasses safely. If there is insufficient air, the trailer will ride on the suspension’s bumpers rather than the airbag, causing damage to other suspension components.

Check lights and brakes every trip

Before setting out on the road, it’s important to do more than just check the tires; you should also inspect the trailer’s lights. The clearance lights, turn signals, brake lights, and taillights are all activated. If your trailer includes brakes, you must check their operation frequently to protect yourself, your cargo, and other motorists. Every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers, have your brakes checked by a professional. You are responsible for maintaining a fully charged and fully functional battery for breakaway/electric brake-equipped trailers. Always double-check the truck’s trailer before setting it out.

Lube it correctly

Proper trailer operation necessitates the use of the proper lube in the proper quantity. To purge the old grease, enough new grease must be added. The debris that clings to old grease renders it useless. Changing the lubricant removes dirt and ensures safe operation.

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