Confused With a Flush and Oil Change?

Is a Transmission Oil Change the Same as a Flush?

Some of our Midnight Diesel clients are confused when it comes to the difference between a flush and a transmission oil change, should you count yourself as one of them, please read on to learn the difference.

A transmission flush is when old fluid if cleared from the transmission of a motor vehicle, and is replaced with new fluid. This process will help remove any residue left from the converters, coolers and cooler lines. There are some, however, a few differences of opinion about whether transmission flushes are really necessary.

Some people say that performing one does enhance the function and extends the life of a vehicle’s transmission. While others say that they are not necessary and can, in fact, damage the vehicle’s transmission seals and valves.

Fluid Drain

To drain the old transmission fluid, a drain plug needs to be removed, and the old fluid is allowed to seep out and accumulate below in a pan. Although this does make it possible to remove the majority of the old fluid, it does not completely cleanse the system. The result is there is still quite a bit of the older fluid and residue left in the system. Should this be the case, the old fluid will mix with the new, which in turn could reduce the effectiveness of the new fluid.

Full Flush

With a full transmission flush, more of the older fluid will be removed, and the transmission system will be cleansed. Meaning there is less residue left to contaminate and weaken the new fluid when putting it in. with some cases, a special flush fluid will be used to help clean the system before any new fluid is added.

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